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9mm - 124gr JHP - 20 Rounds

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Looking for high-quality and affordable defense ammunition for your 9mm concealed carry pistol? HOP Munitions has you covered with our 124-grain 9mm jacketed hollow point ammunition.

Our 124-grain 9mm ammunition is loaded with clean-burning powders and premium components, ensuring reliable ignition and consistent accuracy when your life depends on it.

We take pride in the quality of our ammunition, and each round is hand-inspected by quality control specialists to ensure consistency and unmatched reliability. 

Best of all, our entire line of ammunition is proudly made in the USA.

  • Velocity: 1,150 FPS
  • Energy: 364 ft/lbs
  • 20 Rounds per box
  • 25 Boxes per case

Note: We’ve shot multiple compensated pistols and have found that using 124-grain ammunition seems to be the sweet spot for activating the compensator and achieving the greatest reduction of felt recoil and muzzle rise.

Best 9mm Ammo for Self Defense