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444 Marlin – 240gr JHP – 20 Rounds

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The 444 Marlin is a type of ammunition that was created in the 1960s and boasts comparable power to a 30-06 cartridge but with a projectile similar to a 44 Mag. 

The HOP Munitions 240 grain Jacketed Hollow Cavity expands in a way that is similar to other Jacketed Hollow Points, making it an exceptionally effective round for hunting.

This 444 Marlin load is designed to be used when hunting animals of medium size, weighing between 50 to 300 pounds, such as whitetail deer and feral hogs. It is also suitable for hunting larger game weighing between 300 to 1500 pounds, like elk and antelope.

  • Velocity: 2,290 FPS
  • Energy: 2,795 ft/lbs
  • 20 rounds per box