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357 Sig – 100gr POLY – 50 Rounds

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Elevate your training sessions with Hop Munitions 357 SIG 100gr Polymer Ammo, specifically designed for high-volume shooters who demand precision and safety. This training ammunition is ideal for use on steel targets, providing exceptional reliability and cleanliness to maintain your firearm’s performance and longevity. Designed to keep your training environment and firearm cleaner, the polymer tip reduces fouling and debris, thereby enhancing the shooting experience and easing maintenance post-training.

Each round features carefully selected powders and primers to ensure stable velocities and optimal performance with every shot. The premium brass casings ensure smooth feeding and reliable extraction in all 357 SIG compatible firearms.

  • Velocity: 1,440 FPS
  • Energy: 460 ft/lbs
  • 50 Rounds per box
  • 25 boxes per case

Why Choose Hop Munitions 357 SIG 100gr Polymer Training Ammo?

  • Minimized risk of ricochets on steel targets
  • High consistency and dependable performance
  • Clean firing, reducing fouling and maintenance needs
  • Polymer rounds for enhanced safety and target integrity